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Ceramic Fluoride Reduction Systems


Say No To Fluoride with one of our handmade stoneware systems. 

Uses Doulton™ Ceramic filter in conjunction with Berkey™ PF-4 elements to provide 2,000 Litres of clean water before needing to replace the filters.

These filters have international testing and are what we believe to be the most effective for fluoride reduction. Filters are tested and guaranteed for the 2,000 Litres they are tested at, unlike many other filters available. 

Berkey PF-4 elements use inert activated alumina to adsorb the sodium fluoride that is added to many town water sources in Australia and New Zealand.

Berkey PF-4's

If you are unsure whether or not fluoride removal is for you, we reccomend you doing some of your own research. These systems can also be used without the added fluoride filter if you change water supplies, or move in the future to an area that doesn't add fluoride to the town water supply. 

For more information on the health risks of fluoride added to town water we have provided some articles that we reccomend below. You can also call us during office hours or send us your query for more information. Click here to contact us

Dental Perspective - Fluoride in the drinking water

Fluoride Action Network - 50 reasons to oppose fluoridation

Dr Mercola - Water fluoridation promotes thyroid impairment

Looking for the SCP/Propur All-in-one Fluoride Plus filter? We choose not to carry this filter as we don't believe the test results reflect the same quality as the filters we supply. Unlike the Berkey and Doulton filters, the test results available for the All-In-One Fluoride Plus filter do not guarantee removal percentages for the capacity of the filter. This type of testing can be referred to commonly as 'Batch' or 'Honeymoon' testing, whereby a test is performed for a short period of time and not the lifespan of the product. Please view page 5 of the Independent Test Results for the SCP All-In-One Filter. This text highlights that the removal of fluoride can decrease by up to 95% percent over the life of the All-In-One Fluoride Plus Filter.

We have found many of our customers experience serious health concerns that require them to limit their fluoride intake. For this reason, we only supply filters that guarantee the fluoride removal percentage for the lifetime of the filter. Please find our products below.