Bread Cloche


The Durand Handmade Bread Cloche's have been specially designed to provide the same traditional finish of baking in a brick oven.

How Does It Work?

Heat: The ceramic absorbs a high amount of heat that is distributed evenly to provide a crisp exterior finish to the loaf. This amount of heat cannot normally be acheived when baking in a conventional oven, however the high-fired ceramic is capable of trapping this heat to replicate the environment of a traditional brick oven.

Moisture: The lid of the cloche traps the moisture inside that is evaporated from the dough. This moisture ensures the loaf to stay moist whilst baking, creating a light and airy texture on the inside and crisp finish on the outside. 

Clean: The ceramic is finished wth non-toxic and lead free glazes to provide a convenient non stick finish that is easy to clean and will not stain. 

Multiuse: The shape of our cloche's allow them to be used for multiple purposes, including proofing the dough, baked casseroles, vegetables etc and also for serving and storing foods. 


Download our favourite recipe for Crusty Artisan Bread Here 

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