Collection: Handmade Pottery Cups, Mugs, Cloches, Plates & More

Our practical and beautiful pottery items are all handmade by local master potters, along with founder, Jon Durand (pictured).

The Beechmountain Pottery workshop was started in 1980 and is located in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Australia. As well as predominantly manufacturing our large range of Water Filter Systems, the pottery listed below is all individually made at the workshop. 

  • Our pottery pieces are all individually hand made on a potters wheel, hand dipped in the glazes and hand finished.
  • We do not use machines, slip casting* or plaster molding*.
  • You may find a small imperfection in the glazing or the clay body which is part of its unique beauty.
  • The glaze colours and shapes can vary slightly to how it is seen on the website. 
  • Our pieces are not perfect nor do we intend them to be.
  • We trust you will enjoy your uniquely hand made piece as much as we do making them for you. 
*(Slip casting or molding is a method of mass- producing pottery, it’s advantage is you can repeat an exact shape thousands of times).