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Filter Replacement Guide:

Our 12 litre water filter systems use the Doulton 2000 litre filter

If you want to reduce the fluoride you can purchase the new Doulton 1500 litre Ultra Fluoride filter but you will need to measure your filter container to make sure it holds this new larger filter. This filter will reduce the fluoride by 63% and has media to help remove heavy metals. It requires 18cms from the inside bottom of the container that holds the filter to the top (it can sit above the water level as long as the lid fits). 

Our 15 litre fluoride reduction system requires the Doulton 2000 litre filter and the PF-4 fluoride reduction elements. . Remember the top ceramic Doulton filter will lasts 2000 litres and the PF-4 elements are 1000 litres each before needing replacement (that is why we sell them in a set of two to match up with the Doulton filter). The PF-4 elements will reduce the fluoride by 95%. (the PF-4 elements will not fit into the 12 litre systems)

Replacement System Parts:

Please download the forms below for the system parts you require and send them through to

Replacement Lids

Replacement Filter Containers