Collection: Handmade Pottery Water Filter Systems

Our Stoneware water systems are designed to filter and store drinking water. All the parts are individually handmade on a potters wheel by a Master Potter. Each piece is finished by hand, fired to bisque temperature in our kiln. They will vary in shape, size and colour and you may see slight imperfections in glaze finishes which make them all uniquely individual.Our clay and glazes are made from selected, prepared, and blended raw materials. The finished product has been fired to around 1280 celsius and becomes vitrified stoneware. An impermeable vessel which will last forever if treated with care. 

Our systems are supplied with a Doulton filter, using natural ceramic technology combined with activated carbon. This combination helps reduce contaminants such as chlorine, bacteria, and particulates, ensuring you enjoy cleaner, better-tasting water. The unique structure of our filters allows beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium to remain, which are vital for your health.

Doulton is one of the oldest and most trusted names in the world of water filtration. Over 200 years ago Henry Doulton had a pottery on the banks of the Thames river in England. He discovered filtering water through ceramic would provide safe drinking water. A life saving discovery as the Thames river held many diseases and impurities. They made  pottery vessels which held the filter and it was used and recommended by Queen Victoria to safely filter their water.  Today we have town treated water but there is still instances which water borne outbreaks can occur. For anyone on tank and alternate water supply Doulton filters are important to remove any harmful bacteria. Ensure your water is not only safe but also great tasting. 

Choosing your system-

10-14 litre systems will safely filter tank or alternate water supplies and supply you with great tasting drinking water. They come standard with the high quality Doulton Sub Micron filter. Most of these are able to fit the Doulton Ultra Fluoride which will reduce added fluoride as well over the life of the filter (by up to 63%). If the system does not have the option for the Doulton Ultra please phone our office 0n 07 5533 3611 to see if it's possible. 

For the most effective Fluoride reduction choose our 15 + litre systems which come with the Doulton ceramic filter in the top section and PF- fluoride elements which attach to the bottom thread of the Doulton and sit in the bottom storage section of the system. These Pf elements will reduce the fluoride by 95% over the life of the filters.

Please be aware of all in one filters which are offered claiming high abilities to remove impurities. The filters we offer are tested for their lifetime. We only supply the best and most trusted as we put our family name on them.

For any other questions or concerns please ring 07 5533 3611. Thank you, Judy Durand