Fermentation Crocks

Fermentation is a culinary technique prized by humans for thousands of years. During the process of lactic fermentation, lactic acid already present in a given food is utilized to predigest the food into a simpler substance. This process involves creating an environment that is hospitable to beneficial bacteria, yet inhospitable to harmful microorganisms. The food to be fermented is prepared; placed in a jar, a crock, or another suitable container; and sits virtually undisturbed for hours, days, weeks, even months while the lactic acid does it's work. The result is a tangy delicacy with distinct flavour. Two well-known fermented vegetable dishes are Korean kimchi and German sauerkraut. 


"8 Reasons why you should be eating cultured vegetables":

Fermentation Crock

From Polly Noble's website.

  1. They aid digestion lessening the energy drain on your body (great for anyone that has a weak digestive tract and has a hard time digesting raw foods.)

  2. They help to eliminate toxins from the body.

  3. They help to restore a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria within the intestines.

  4. They help to reduce sugar cravings (This is reason ENOUGH!)

  5. Eating animal protein creates toxic by-products in the intestines and by eating the veggies WITH the animal protein, it helps to turn these toxins back into healthy amino acids.

  6. They are extremely alkalising and cleansing for the body. (They may make you a little gassy to begin with but once you get everything cleaned out then it will all start working nicely!) I had to go there... These things are important! A toxic colon is a toxic body people!

  7. They increase your longevity. (As they allow you to reserve your body's own enzymes for digestion, your body is better equipped to repair cells, eliminate toxins, strengthen your immune system etc.)

  8. They are perfect for pregnant and nursing women as they provide a healthy inner environment for good bacteria and can help alleviate morning sickness! Plus the liquid from the veggies can help relieve the babys colic.