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Durand Stoneware

Doulton 1500 Litre Ultra Fluoride Filter

Doulton 1500 Litre Ultra Fluoride Filter

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New from Doulton ceramic filter designed to reduce the fluoride in your water. 

The Ultra Fluoride* water filter is WRAS approved and provides you with the option to filter both naturally-occurring and added fluoride from your drinking water. The Ultra Fluoride has a ceramic micro-filter outer shell and contains granular activated carbon and fluoride-reduction media, to give superior flow rates in a gravity filter. It offers the filtration of particles, pathogenic bacteria and cysts, with additional capabilities for chlorine and lead reduction. Our products are manufactured in an EPA-registered establishment. Note this filter will reduce the added fluoride by over 60%. (To achieve higher fluoride reduction please see the PF-4 fluoride reduction elements which are available in our 15 litre size Durand Stoneware systems only). 

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