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Durand Stoneware

5 Litre Gloss White Kombucha Jar

5 Litre Gloss White Kombucha Jar

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5 Litre Handmade Durand Kombucha Jar

  • Dimensions are approximately 22cm height, and 20cm to 22cm wide.

  • They have a 5-6 Litre capacity, designed to brew up to 4 Litres.

  • High Fired Ceramics to 1280 degress celsius. Our Stoneware Jars are made with Lead Free and Non-Toxic glazes and materials.

  • These jars are perfect for continuous fermentation, optimally producing around 1 Litre per day!

  • Each jar is uniquely handmade and will vary slightly in shape and colour.

  • Jars come complete with a BPA free plastic tap, and specially designed hand made cotton cover.




  • One benefit of brewing in our stoneware ceramic jar compared to glass is that sunlight cannot penetrate through the ceramic walls.

  • The walls act like a thermos, warming the brew and speeding up the fermentation process. 

  • Our jars are made with lead free and non-toxic materials, providing the same safe and sterile environment as glass. Please note that some lower fired and imported ceramics can contain lead. Ours are high-fired and guaranteed lead-free.

  • Our jars come complete with a tap for continuous brew. This also allows for less handling/disruption of the SCOBY. 

  • Downsize your brewing space by only needing to use one jar that provides up to 1 Litre of kombucha per day.

  • No need to keep your brew stored away in the cupboard. These jars are an attractive addition to your home, designed to provide a lifetime of use!


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